The Public Service Pensions Fund is a creation of CAP 260 of the Laws of Zambia, Act No. 35 of 1996 which states that it is “an Act to consolidate the law relating to pensions and other benefits for persons employed in the Public Service; and to Read More…

Upon retirement or death of a member, respective Ministries are required to process files and forward them to the Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF), accompanied by an introductory letter. Read More…

The need to cater for members personal   financing needs such as :

  • Payment of school fees
  • Purchase of Household goods
  • Home make over
  • Self empowerment

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What documents are required at the time of applying for a loan?

  1. An application form duly completed and signed
  2. Latest pay slip plus that of the  previous month
  3. Letter of introduction from the ministry/department as proof that the applicant is still in employment
  4. Copy of identity (nrc or passport)
  5. Copy of confirmation in service

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